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What is virtURL?

virtURL is your customisable, interactive, virtual environment, with:

  • No licence fees
    Single setup and customisation cost.
  • No time limits
    Host virtual events time and time again.
  • No restrictions
    Content updates carried out by you.

virtURL integrates visitor registration, real-time connectivity and engaging product or brand interaction via a hassle-free, secure content management system... Your one stop solution for; virtual events, product showcasing, online marketing campaigns, training sessions, STEM experiences and much more.

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Our solution to your problems...


Interaction is at the heart of the platform! Through increased connectivity or via our effective animations and visualisations of your products and service offerings, you can continually build new layers of engagement into your virtual space.


virtURL enables person-to-person global connectivity with ease, providing you and your employees, clients and connections with anywhere, anytime access to showcase, market and communicate - all in one place.


The integrated content management system puts your marketing team in control of the content on show, enabling you to repurpose, reposition and adapt your platform for different audiences and needs on demand.


Underpinned by Bloc's technical expertise and trusted by national and global organisations, we deliver secure and robust solutions. The virtURL platform security features ensure control and integrity of your content and data.


Utilising our unique content tagging solution, your virtURL experience can be reconfigured with ease, providing tailored experiences that meet the demand of your evolving sales and marketing strategies.


Customised to suit the needs of your business, virtURL is always your own. Our multi-disciplined creative, design, visualisation and tech teams can create interactive showrooms to suit any need.

Building for the future...

virtURL is more than a single moment in time... the wealth of engagement features and levels of interaction allow you to build an experience that can flex and adapt to your individual needs. You're not locked into a 'one size fits all' feature list or facing hidden extra costs down the line.

Product launches, showcases and demonstrations

Utilise all features and demonstrate true brand personality through impressive digital visuals.

A company recruitment, training or educational tool

Provide quality and enriching experiences with many benefits.

An interactive and immersive extension to your website OR instead of...

Create that lasting impression that everyone aspires to possess.

Sales presentations and visual pitch tools

Secure clients, attract investment or showcase your company and its capabilities with impact and power.

A hub for all marketing collateral, information and resources - internal and external

Consolidate all your creative and information materials in one place.

Bridge the gap between company and consumer...

Improve your communication efforts for better customer service, CRM and channel variety.


Captivating visuals and feature-rich platforms tailored to suit any sector or market need, is at the heart of virtURL's success. Crafted by Bloc Digital's in-house creative, design, technology innovation, 3D modelling and software teams, you have access to industry leading expertise to create a personalised visual identity, both cost effectively and efficiently.

"...As usual, they have all been a pleasure to work with, instantly responding to queries... what they have delivered is perfect. Everyone is really pleased with how it has turned out - the platform has been used successfully to brief customers, and for the wider internal audience, it's given them an insight and understanding of what can be achieved using our online presence."
UK Leading Defence Client

Who are the platform creators?

Bloc Digital is one of the UK's leading digital visualisation and immersive technology studios, delivering cutting-edge animations, CGI visualisations and forward-thinking AR, VR, web and mobile applications for global clients.

We're a business who provide a full strategic, creative and innovative service offering to all clients... facilitating, shaping and informing their current and digital futures within: marketing, sales, operations, training, showcasing, entertainment, outreach and more.

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